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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The day I skipped back to school

It's raining but it's still awfully hot. I'm not sleeping that well and D reminded me how much better I sleep when I've been for a walk. It's not cool enough for my winter jacket so I chuffed off to find a light shower proof little number!

I turned off the escalator in department store number 1 and tada - there's some directly in front of me. Great (not even in the fat peoples section). Check the price - $29 (and I have a $20 voucher). Awesome. Try on the largest size (18). Fits well. Does up around the hips and allows for arms to flap. I hear D's voice in my head "remember you're losing weight - try a size smaller" (he is so awesome). Find the 16 and slide it on. Arms still fit well and it seems to join...try the zip...yep it does up the whole way! I hear my evil side "go on - see how much more you need to lose to fit the 14 (around a US 10)". So I try it on. The arms are still fine. There's no way that zip will do up. Holy shit it does. Must be mis labeled. Try another. It still fits! I practically skip to the checkout. i don't remember the last time I bought a size high school uniform was a 16. Happy is an understatement!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NSV and therapy in one

One of the reasons I started this weight loss journey was that I wanted to be able to buy clothes in a ‘normal’ store. I was sick of having to head to the fat section and have only shapeless, poncho-like items to choose from. (New Zealand has a pretty tiny selection of plus size clothing in the affordable price range).

It was so hot here in January that I started looking at second hand skirts online. I rarely wear skirts (have always been self conscious of my thick stumpy legs) so this in itself was a reflection of increased self esteem compared to a year ago. And then I actually bought one. And another. And another. Talk about retail therapy! They were all around $10 and labels from ‘normal’ stores.  I of course downplayed the chances of me either fitting them right away or them looking any good but you know what? They all look great. I have even been described as ‘sexy’ by a female co-worker while wearing one of them. Strike me down with a feather, that’s something worth posting about!

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