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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Slowly but surely

D is out mountain biking with a friend and I had a shit day at work so I came home and had a glass of wine. I was about to pour another when I absent-mindedly clicked on a few of your blogs and reflected on how my day had gone aside from work.
  1. Today was the first day that I've been able to walk down stairs (up has been fine) since my awesome sports injury
  2. I managed to say no to free chocolate biscuits that my manager was handing out at a workshop this morning. 
  3. My belt has just reached the last usable notch so I'm going to have a stab a hole in it and cut some off the end. 
Those are 3 super positive things in my world. Not to mention the Biggest Loser season finale (season 11?) is on tonight. What would Bob say? He'd tell me to get off my arse and get moving. So I did. A very slow 44 minutes, some limping, some not. But I did it and now I feel great! Off to read more of your blogs - thank you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

My first ever sports injury - Xmas challenge week 2

The weather has started to improve so exercise has been easier to the point on Saturday where I had this brilliant idea to put a load of laundry on, go for a short walk / jog, come home and hang out the laundry, put another load on, go for another walk etc. I made it about 100m down the road on my second walk when I decided to jog again and 'ping' - had a shooting pain behind my left calf muscle. I guess I'd cooled down more than I realised.

I unglamourously hobbled sideways back home and massaged / elevated / stretched and then triumphantly posted on Facebook how I'd just got my first ever sports injury. How exciting! It's much better today so I guess it was just bad cramp.

My perfect egg!
Aside from that, food has been good and I tried the vortex method of poaching an egg yesterday. It came out of the saucepan perfectly - I pricked it just to see if the yolk was still runny and it was exactly as I like it. Will definitely use that method if only doing a single egg in the future!

This weeks wrap up:

  • Weight: 84.0 (down 300g)
  • Exercise: 4 / 7 days but could be better
  • Overall thoughts: A loss is a loss, no matter how small. I'm just like a real sportsperson! and yes, need to warm up better next time..

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dodging raindrops - Xmas challenge week 1

The weather here is pants. Windy and rainy and windy and get the picture. I spend much of my pre walk time checking the rain radar to see how safe it is to venture out. Because of course I'll melt if I get wet :).

I've set myself an informal 'Xmas challenge'. The challenge is to stay 'on plan' between now and Christmas - I seem to be more successful with small time based goals to work to. Sometime's it's going on holiday or having visitors. This time it's Christmas. 9 weeks. And a few Christmas parties but I can do it.

This weeks wrap up:
  • Weight: 84.3 (down 2.3kg)
  • Exercise: 4 / 7 days
  • Overall thoughts: Shit, I made it through a whole week and managed to exercise to make up for muffins and even lost weight.Yep, 3 years on and the fuel in / energy out equation still amazes me. No ☹'s this week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Move your mirror

How often do you look at yourself in the nudie nude?

We're doing some sprucing up around the house (aka painting) so we've taken down all our photos and posters that were on the walls. There was a large mirror in the hall that was taken down a couple of months back sitting in the corner of the spare room until last week. We don't have a mirror in our bedroom so I propped it up on the side table on my side of the bed to use when I blow dry hair in the morning.

Sweet Jesus, I realised how little I see myself naked - full length. I know other bloggers have touched on the subject but I guess I never really thought about it in relation to myself. Our bathroom mirror shows me from the chest up and that bit looks alright and since the hallway mirror had been taken down I hadn't even seen myself head to toe fully clothed apart from reflections in doors at work etc.

So did I like what I saw? Hmmm. I didn't hate it. I could definitely see an improvement on 5 years ago but still notice the bits that have popped out again over the last couple of months (have put on nearly 10 pounds I guess). The good news is that it didn't send me into the depths of dispair. And it has motivated me every morning ever since it went up to eat mindfully, suck my tummy in, thrust my shoulders back and get the hell back on track.

How often do you guys look at yourselves naked? Do you need to move your mirror?

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