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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Itchy brain cells

We had a team morning tea today at work and I couldn't resist. I knew it was planned so I didn't take snacks and I tracked everything and am under overall. But I have an itch at the back of my mind that tells me I've underestimated the calories. Oh well.

Yesterday and today's achievements: I got walks in both days and hit my water intake. Yesterday I stopped eating marshmallows while there still some left.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Big Day Out (music fest thing). Plenty of exercise and little opportunity to eat since the only thing I hate more than paying for bad food is paying exorbitant prices for bad food :).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The ex still haunts...

Made it through day 2 only a little over in calories (I blame the rain - was set to go for a 45min walk when the thunder started). Got through all my water - yay! Did get a short walk around campus in at lunch time.

It's a miracle I didnt turn back to the bottle last night - D had been dealing with the ex wife and I was reminded of how damn hot she is now. Big swear words. I will not let her defeat me! Yes I have issues.

Today's goal is the same as yesterdays Pinky - "resist muffin, reach my required water intake, walk after work."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Year 3 Day 1 Over

Yep, I can't believe I've been trying at this for 3 years now. Sweet jebuzz. Anyway - this week may see daily posts in an effort to strengthen my own resolve while I get 'back on the horse' so to speak.

Yesterday's achievements: Weighed in (ugh), tracked everything, went for a bike ride that made my lungs burn.
Today's goal: Resist muffin, reach my required water intake, walk after work.

So far so good!

Friday, January 6, 2012

2 steps forward, 1 step back does not the macarena make

Have had a bit of a catch up on blog posts this week (under duress - I still don't like the new blogger format) and it's been great seeing some of your 'year in reviews'. So what about me? I didn't weigh in yesterday but I know I'm around the 84.5kg mark. That means I'm 3.7kg / 8 pounds down on this time last year. God that's pathetic. But at least it's a loss and we should be celebrating the small victories right? Right.

Fitness wise I'm a shocker. Lyn over at Escape from Obesity is doing a fitness challenge for the New Year - I hear ya sister. Started today with a morning shag and my legs feel like they've run a marthon! Need to fix that...

Going camping next week. Weather is meant to be atrocious. Can't wait. Can't promise a new fitness regime will come out it - I foresee much card playing in my immediate future. Hope you're all well, wherever you are xx

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