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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lack of H2O + sleep = no movement on the scales

I wasn't surprised when I jumped on the scales this morning and saw the same number as last week. Have been super busy every night after work so haven't managed as much planned activity as I would like, but have managed quite a lot 'incidental' activity along the way. We went to see U2 in concert on Friday night which meant a hefty walk to and from the stadium (bonus!) but I stopped drinking water at about 4pm so I didn't have to pee all night (booo!). I'm not a U2 fan but their 360 set up was amazing and they did a nice tribute to the 27 miners who were lost in the Pike River Mining disaster last week (such a sad week for New Zealand).
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The weather turned into a scorcher over the weekend and I worked a lot in the garden on Saturday and wandered around the zoo on Sunday (bonus!) but once again, didn't keep my fluids up and had a major headache last night. That time of the month now but I'm still aiming to get below 89kg this week! Have a good one :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

So good I want to slap myself

Holy cow I’ve become one of those people that seems to have developed self control. D and I had a ‘date day’ yesterday. It started with brunch at the cafĂ© where we had our first meal together.  I ordered poached eggs on 5 grain toast, no butter please. Would you like bacon or hollandaise with that? Yes please No thanks. I started to feel full and didn’t even eat all my toast. Then we had Turkish for dinner. Medium Chicken and salad on rice please. What sauces would you like? Sweet chilli and garlic mayo. Just the hummus thankyou. And I left about a third of it behind (including some chicken).

This is a completely foreign concept to me. I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t have food envy. It was all about spending time with D and not what I was ordering. Amazing. I can’t even call it an NSV as the scales rewarded me with a 1.7 pound loss this morning. Not bad baby puppy, not bad.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally someone noticed

I caught up with an out of town friend last night for the first time since February and (drum roll please) she noticed that I’d lost weight! Apparently she thought something was amiss when she saw me cross the road towards her and suspicions were confirmed when we hugged. Wohoo! Finally someone noticed.

Like so many of you out there I haven’t been advertising the fact that I’m trying to lose weight and as a result no one’s bloody noticed! Mum has praised D for looking like he’s lost weight (less than me but yes, very happy for ya) but nothing for her daughter. I guess it’s hard to notice when you see someone every couple of weeks. Thank goodness for folk you don’t see very often!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Who knew I was capable!

Scales show me pretty much back to pre holiday weight this morning – 90.5kg. So I just lost the same 2.5 pounds that I lost back in September for the 3rd time lol. Anyway, had an awesome Sunday with D – gardening followed by a 10km bike ride around the waterfront (I know!) topped off with my Mum visiting for dinner.

Salad, Chicken, Hummus, Yum!
Desert was the last bag of FLIPZ that we had brought back from holiday. If it was up to me we wouldn’t have come home with any but D was hooked. He’s still carrying an extra 6 pounds from our holiday so just as well that was the last of the FLIPZ. Anyway, sorted through the snaps on Friday night and came across this lunch pic from Wholefoods. Wholefoods would do a roaring trade here in New Zealand…and I’d be poor. Can see some bloggers having some great successes – keep it up girls!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pop Tarts in da house!

I got home last night to a very excited D. He had found a store that sells American food here in New Zealand and bought some Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts. After dinner he rushed into the kitchen and said ‘You’ll have 2 won’t you?’,  ‘How many calories?’ I asked. ‘…umm…I dunno if it says…oh shit…200…each…I didn’t even think’.

The poor guy looked so disappointed.  I’m not sure if it was in me because my calorie counting took the shine off his excitement or himself because he’s tried to be so supportive and thinks he messed up. It’s OK. Saying no to food doesn’t mean I’m saying no to him – hopefully he realises that :).

Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday over – back to reality

Our holiday was awesome. Far too short (12 days all up) and yet I was ecstatic to be on our way home at the end. I tried on (and bought) more clothes while we were away that I have in the last 5 years combined. I came home with jeans, work tops, some singlets and most importantly shoes. It’s so hard finding decent and affordable size 11 shoes here! And yes, I did buy a few items that are too tight to be worn straight away.

Holiday food was interesting. Eating out for every single meal quickly took its toll on my system and … I’ll spare you the details. Yes I ate FLIPZ and burgers and fries and even a bit of ice cream but I also ate a lot of fruit, and hi fibre granola bars. I’m struggling to recall a meal that I completely finished – portion sizes live up to their reputation. Thankfully D never complained at sharing a meal between the 2 of us and is the best plate cleaner.

Overall the scales are up to 91.7 this morning which I’m OK with.  I’ve tried to get back into the tracking and walking routine straight away – I don’t want to get ‘post holiday complacent’ this time. So happy to be back and looking forward to catching up on some blog reading this week - hope you've all been well!

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