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Friday, January 28, 2011

Joining the queue of folk in funks

I have only just caught up on blog posts and it seems that many of us having a bad week. We have had the 9yo this week and I honestly have no idea how you parents do it full time. I feel like I’ve had about 10 minutes to myself all week and that was probably when she was riding her bike ahead of us while out for a walk. Does that count? Sheeba.

Anyway, as far as food goes, breakfast and dinners were pretty good but lunches went out the window. There were never any leftovers and I seemed to be at the bottom of the pecking order when it came to fruit so I had to buy from the café at work a few times. Yesterday I came down with a migraine that D relieved with an awesome neck rub (thank you!) and not having it today has made me feel 150% better all around. Tracking again and have lots of activity planned for the weekend despite a cyclone scheduled to arrive this afternoon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet the in-laws!

D and I are off to his brothers wedding this weekend. It’s being held 6 hours away and all I can think about is when I need to ‘stop’ drinking water so that I’m not peeing on the side of the road every 20 minutes. And that of course leads to a bit of anxiety about Monday’s weigh in where I know that I won’t have got my water intake for 2 days and probably will have over indulged at the wedding on Saturday night (yea yea I know – set myself up for success, plan to make good choices, it’s Ok to say no – that’s definitely my starting position!).

Anyway, this weekend is a big milestone in another way – I’m going to meet my in-laws for the first time! D doesn’t speak to them (long story) so I’ve never met them. Of course I will be polite and if I’m honest – I’m a little excited! Promise I won’t turn to the wine if things turn hostile :).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1.5 NSVs!

The awesome Lee Trousers!
When we were on holiday back in October, I took a gamble and bought some trousers that were ridiculously tight on the basis that the patterned material on the inside of the waistband was ‘pretty’ and they were the right length. I have little stumpy legs and normally have to get all my trousers shortened so I considered these a great find and they were on sale for USD$16. Wohoo!

It was a bit cooler today so I thought I’d try them on ‘just in case’. And they not only fit (that’s the main NSV) but I actually had to add a belt and then realised I’ve run out of holes in my normal ‘work’ belt. Sheeba. Looks like the 8 pounds I lost since getting back from hols came from the lower half for a change!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finally…Biggest Loser season 8

Summer school holidays are in full swing down under which means the normal TV schedule gets ditched. YAY! Because it means that Biggest Loser (Season 8) is playing every day at 5pm. Yep that recorder is set and D and I are addicted. I know we’re a bit behind in terms of seasons but it’s been ages since BL has made it to prime time here so I’ll take it!

Aside from that – I’m back at work and glad to be here. The routine helps me keep my meals in check and also encourages me to down water like it’s going out of fashion. I can honestly say that I haven't had a big Christmas break food wise for the first year in 'forever'. Can’t wait for Monday’s weigh in :).

Monday, January 3, 2011

Get lost

Happy to say I'm back to my 10% off point - lost the 1.3 pounds I gained in Christmas week. How did I do it? I got lost. Yep, was killing time by going for a bush walk on Friday which was only meant to be a short loop track and ended up having to call D for directions and ultimately rescue. I was gone for 5.5 hours - 18km in the end. Ouch. My toes hurt! Learnt the very valuable lession about having a proper map for walks in areas I'm not familiar with. What an idiot.

Anyhoo - back to internet access and tracking my food. Also lifted my first crop of potatoes from the vege garden yesterday. We're now eating courgettes, peas, beetroot and strawberries out of our little garden. Loving it!

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