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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I've got 2 posts sitting in drafts that have just been abandoned. One was re weight 2 weeks ago and another bestowing the virtues of all the walking I'd been doing. All still true but the moment has gone.

This post is to congratulate myself for not binging while D has been away. We're in the middle of a long weekend (which pretty much guarantees he'll be away for work) and I've been out walking for 2 hours, eaten relatively healthy (oats, salmon, rice crackers and lots of water) and didn't go overboard at a friends engagement party last night. Haven't even been tempted to hunt through the cupboards for the pineapple lumps that I know have been hidden by D.  Today hasn't been that active but am catching up on my blog reading - some of you are absolutely rocking!

Hoping my project goes live at work this week - I may even start getting some time back to blog during the day again.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 17 weigh in

Almost forgot to post! Thought I'd better get one in before I leave work and it's associated Interweb connection.

Scales were very generous and allowed a .8 pound (400 gram) loss this week.  Not bad for a week of back-at-work-need-wine-non-counting-but-trying. Anyway that was 2 days ago - aiming for a super active weekend and an even better result next week.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have a time machine!

Yes, after piling on the pudge I'm up to where I was mid November. But I'm back at work after a couple of weeks off to recharge (read: gorge) and all is in balance with the world again. Relationship is still on track to be great again, the weather is stinking hot (which reminds me how icky it is to be a lard arse in summer) and I'm putting all the crap that happened around me at the end of 2009 behind me.

My laptop died the week before Christmas so my end goal of treating myself to a new one is now even more inspiring. Been for 2 walks already this week and am loading up on grilled chicken and spinach salads - bring on next Wednesday's weigh in!

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