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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Epiphany while rolling rubbish bins

We have a lovely Pacific Island family living in front of us and tonight as I rolled the rubbish bins to the road I noticed they were having a bit of a 'par-tay' out the back. All I could focus on was the huge bottles of coke and fanta on the table and packets of potato chips spread from one end of their deck to the other. And an amazing thing happened...I didn't think "invite me over, invite me over, invite me over" - my first thought was "oh my gawd - you (as in my neighbours) are a prime target for diabetes and this isn't helping".

This thought (while judgemental) is a significant step forward for me. To not view junk food and immediately want it is one of those NSV things! I'll take it :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Versatile Blogger

Diane over at Big Beautiful Me has tagged me for a Versatlile Bogger Award – OMG! Chuffed is the understatement of the year so thank you Diane!

Award etiquette is:
  1. Thank the person who gave me the award (That’s you Diane – thank you!)
  2. Share 7 things about myself.
  3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs
  4. Let my nominees know about their award.
Number 3 and 4 will have to happen in stages...some research and time required!

7 things you don't know about me yet...
  1. I am Giant Panda crazy (another reason we travel a lot - none in New Zealand)
  2. I got married (to my ex husband) in Vegas
  3. I love my job 
  4. Purple is my favourite colour
  5. 'Hold Please Caller’ is my favourite saying (and no, I don't work in a call centre)
  6. I have a fungal infection on my left foot that refuses to go away (TMI – I know!)
  7. (ducking for cover) I really don’t like children
Stage 1 of the nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award are...(in no particular order)

Thanks again Diane - you made my day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Winning weekend

Looks like water was the thing holding me back on weekends!  I chugged down glasses of the stuff at every opportunity I had and this mornings weigh in showed a (drum roll please) 3.5 pound loss. Wohoo! We’ve had a storm here so not much exercise over the past week – only physical activity has been cleaning up fallen branches and mulching trees for the garden.

Dying to get out on the bike again - pic of my purple baby below. I need to keep desensitising my butt so I can ride along Santa Monica beach during our holiday next month.
Been thinking about the holiday a lot (I'm an anally retentive planner / researcher when it comes to vacations) - dreamt about food 2 nights in a row. Although last nights dream about a cheesecake made from plain flour and dried potato flakes was more like a nightmare...hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Saying goodbye to a best friend

I just tweeted that I wasn’t going to blog until I had something nice to say. Liar liar pants on fire.

I am pissed off.  Over the past week I have measured and tracked every single thing that’s gone in my mouth, ridden my new bike like a demon twice and walked for at least 30 minutes each day (an hour on Sunday). And I’m doing this all at pace. It’s not a half arsed dawdle around the carpark. This is leg stretching, arm waving lunacy. All I’m missing is the head band.  Thursday’s ‘unofficial’ mid week weigh in showed at least a kilo loss. And yet when it comes to Monday, it turns out I’ve managed to gain back the 200 grams I lost last week. What am I doing over the weekend that makes everything turn to custard? The only thing I can think of is that I’m not drinking as much water on the weekend. Some serious soul searching required.

Lucy on dribble duty
Aside from that, I joined my ex husband at the vets on Saturday to put our 18 year old furbaby to sleep. She had recently been diagnosed with a cancerous tongue lesion and had started having seizures so it was time to say goodbye. Bloody sad time but she had a great life. D and I still share our house with her brother Chester and needless to say he’s been smothered with cuddles over the past couple of days. See you in the next life Muffin.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Post from the shaky isles

Shop Damage, Corner Edgeware and Barbadoes Street
Photo courtesy of Andrew Drake on Flickr
We had a pretty big earthquake down here in little old New Zealand on Saturday morning and while it wasn’t near where I live, one of our main offices is located there and it’s been chaos trying to get things up and running ever since. Hence a late post…but it sure puts things in perspective!

I spent some time last night catching up on the blogging world, in particular Melting Candy (thanks for the follow!). One thing that struck me about this blog (and why I kept reading, and reading, and reading) was the photos. I haven’t loaded photos of either myself or my food (mainly because I only recently got a home laptop) but that is about to change. This weeks personal challenge is to get a ‘before’ photo of me up…and maybe one of my bike.

200gram loss this week – that time of the month so AOK by me :).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Man my butt hurts!

Have been crazy at work so not able to sneak a blog post in until now. Lost 300 grams this week (half a pound) but that’s not the exciting thing…I bought a bike! D has had one for a while and encouraged me to get a cheap second hand one to ‘give it a go’. I figured that so many of the ladies I follow have bikes so there must be something to it and picked up my new purple friend on Sunday.

Well I went for my first proper ride last night – sweet jebuz it was hard. I used muscles that have been napping for a 2 decades but had heaps of fun and D was super encouraging and kept saying how proud he was of me. Feeling pretty lucky this morning…and a little tender in the rear!

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