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Monday, June 28, 2010

No excuses, not even reasons

I have been in a happy place of denial for the last 5 months. My divorce is nearly ‘done’ and D and I have bought a house together. This warm fuzzy nesting phase plus a drop in the temperature has meant yummy sausages with cheesy mashed potato and gravy followed up with cuddling on the couch with ice cream (and D). And I don’t even like ice cream! And check out the stats baby – managed to put on 4kg (nearly 9 pounds)!

I still don’t have a computer at home so borrowed a laptop from work for this past weekend. It took me 24 hours to surf all the travel websites, scout out any good deals and convince D (and myself) that we really can afford another trip to the States this year. So, we leave New Zealand late on October 15 and arrive in Los Angeles early on October 15. Love those time zones! But hate how uncomfortable the seats are.

Hence, I’m back tracking calories again. Aim is to lose the 4kg I’ve put on + 1 more for luck, actually, not even an ‘aim’…let’s make it a ‘fact’.


  1. Everyone has some down time! You can do it! You have a pretty good attitude too!

  2. Thanks for the encouragment and stopping by - much appreciated :)


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