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Monday, October 29, 2012

My first ever sports injury - Xmas challenge week 2

The weather has started to improve so exercise has been easier to the point on Saturday where I had this brilliant idea to put a load of laundry on, go for a short walk / jog, come home and hang out the laundry, put another load on, go for another walk etc. I made it about 100m down the road on my second walk when I decided to jog again and 'ping' - had a shooting pain behind my left calf muscle. I guess I'd cooled down more than I realised.

I unglamourously hobbled sideways back home and massaged / elevated / stretched and then triumphantly posted on Facebook how I'd just got my first ever sports injury. How exciting! It's much better today so I guess it was just bad cramp.

My perfect egg!
Aside from that, food has been good and I tried the vortex method of poaching an egg yesterday. It came out of the saucepan perfectly - I pricked it just to see if the yolk was still runny and it was exactly as I like it. Will definitely use that method if only doing a single egg in the future!

This weeks wrap up:

  • Weight: 84.0 (down 300g)
  • Exercise: 4 / 7 days but could be better
  • Overall thoughts: A loss is a loss, no matter how small. I'm just like a real sportsperson! and yes, need to warm up better next time..


  1. I was a bit worried! Glad it's not a serious injury. What's the vortex method??

    1. Crack your egg into a ramekin and add a drop of vinegar. Bring a half full saucepan of water to a boil, whisk the water in circles like a crazy woman to create a mini tornado, slip your egg in, turn heat down and let it cook for 3 mins. Voila! I can thoroughly recommend it - heaps of fun!


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