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Monday, August 9, 2010

Support of a partner

This week was a great one. I got 3 walks in and a long session in the garden (man my hamstrings are sore today!), and while it may not be burning calories at a high rate it sure stops me from eating the junk food. Why the hell would I want to have to walk even further to burn it off? I also realised that I should have taken some measurements – jeans are feeling loose and I’d like to know what the changes are.

I need to give a shout out to D – he’s kicked the fizzy habit over the past 6 weeks, is trying to eat breakfast and has already lost 5.5kg (12 pounds). Not mention he's coming for walks with me and generally continuing his habit of being super encouraging and affirming. I have never had someone tell me I'm beautiful in my life. He rocks.

I’ve caught up on blog reading and feel totally humbled by the stories of determination and ultimate success. It’s reassuring that there are others out there having the same dumb feelings and thoughts as me. Nearly 2 pounds down this week – wohoo!

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