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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The week where I wore a purple shirt

Made up for last weeks status quo with with a loss of 1.5kg! (3.3pounds). The most I've lost in a week ever. Fitness wise, not so great. Lots of late nights at work and lunchtime meetings meant no laps around the campus during the day.

Week 1: 1,247 calories in 215 minutes
Week 2: 3,746 calories in 675 minutes
Week 3: 1,575 calories in 235 minutes (um...yea...not so great!)
Week 4: 1,433 calories in 240 minutes (not much better!)
Week 5: 1,607 calories in 248 minutes

Had 2 NSVs in the past week. Firstly I was able to fit a T I bought 2 years ago while on holiday that I swore 'I would never fit' but it was my favourite colour and from a concert where my favourite band played. So awesome to put it on and still have circulation in my arms! Secondly, D and I went for brunch on Sunday and I skipped the eggs benedict and ordered poached eggs on 5 grain toast, no butter with peppermint tea. Didn't even get a coffee! And I left half a slice of toast behind. I think I'm going mad...but in a totally awesome way. Hope you all have a great week!

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