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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flip it's cold

Weigh in yesterday morning delivered a 600 gram (1.3 pound) loss so thank you jebuz for the willpower to not snack. Tummy rumbles are under control but this is ‘that time of the month’ and I’m craving carbs and comfort food something awful.

D is being wonderful again and just keeps saying FLIPZ if I look like waivering. A gentle reminder that this ‘season’ is all so I can feel more comfortable making the 12 hour flight to the States where I’ll be able to get these wonderful chocolate covered goodies again. In a totally sensible portion size of course. Freezing cold here but still managed 2 walks last week - aiming for another tonight!


  1. Well done on the not snacking. The snacking is what i'm struggling with today! Good news on the 12 hour State flight- sounds like fun!

  2. I cannot snack any longer. Not since surgery. I love NOT snacking.

    So strange that it's cold there and warm here (though not too warm). Duh.
    Hope life is good!


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