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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Toe Tapping stuff

I have sore big toes. And most unusually for me I'm not hurrying off to self diagnose via the internet. I think I'm scared what the big www will tell me. D has had an ingrown toenail before and when he finally had it seen to he required a week off work - eek!

I don't want whatever it is to get that bad but I'm kind of weird about my toes and while they're covered with polish I can pretend that everything is normal. Until I put my walking shoes on of course. Ignorance isn't bliss! Am hoping that by typing this my sub conscious will somehow open me up to get them seen to. Who do you go see though? A doctor or a podiatrist? I can see I'm going to have to Google after all...


  1. Is there bruising under the nail? If so, it's most likely pressure from your shoes - especially if you increaed walking/running lately. But..I'm not a doctor - go see yours! Doesn't have to be a podiatrist or chiropodist - your doctor will tell you if you need to see one of them.

    Go. Go. Go.

    1. Thanks! It could be bruising - I have been starting to run the last half mile. Hadn't thought of that. Dammit :)


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