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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The potholes of shearing food

D and I met online and part of his profile outlined his desire to find someone to 'shear his life with'. This quickly became an ongoing joke and D now goes out of his way to use the word share (or more precisely ‘shear’) to which I respectfully ‘baaa’ in response.

So this morning I made pikelets for breakfast which we shared (baaaa) across the kitchen counter. I love it when he keeps me company in the kitchen, even if he’s not helping. However this morning highlighted yet again one of those un sign-posted pot holes on the road to weight loss. Fairness.

D and I are 30 somethings with plenty of baggage and we both make an effort to contribute to our relationship equally. Whether that be emotionally or by helping out with the laundry. It's only fair. But what about food? You get half, I get half. Right? Not now Papa Smurf. D works his butt off for a living - I warm a chair all day. Fairness simply won't work. Even saving my other quarter for lunch the next day would be too much sometimes. So this is one area where sharing (baaa) equally isn't expected - go ahead D, take another pikelet. 

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